Over 6 million sold and you've never heard of it!

Want to know how to hide cords? Safely store and organize tangled cords with the easy cord organizer from Cord-A-Way.

Keep your cords organized and safely out of the way with this simple power cord management tool. Over 6 million sold and you have probably never heard of it!

  • Eliminate excess cord for easier access.
  • Sturdy and compact design is durable and safe.
  • Significant cord storage: Holds up to 8 feet!
  • Easy to use and easy to adjust.
  • Great for baby proofing and other safety needs.
  • Great for computers, appliances, entertainment systems and all other types of cords.
  • Multiple uses in the home, garage, cabin, office and more!
Cord storage and management tool available in a variety of colors

Available in black, almond, clear and white

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Almond 6 Pack

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